Monday, March 1, 2010

Accessories For Offroad Fun & Adventure

If anyone has a pair of these Triumph Dampners made by Webco I would be very interested to buy or do a trade. Or if anyone has one they'd let me borrow so I could copy it and have a batch made. Wonder what the mod to the fork tube was.

To light your way through the wild on your stripped of generator sled.

Check the Q air filter behind the pipes.


WANTED: Vintage spark arrestors!

Will trade chopper stuff for front fork rifle scabbard mount!

Up the creek with more than a paddle. Triumph Cub, hunting rifle and fly fishing gear. Set!

Complete Travel, Fun & Adventure rig.


  1. Those accessory fork dampers require the filling of the "damping holes" at the bottom of the stanchion, I believe. I may be wrong, but I remember reading about a similar mod for running on desert sleds.

    Those "top out" springs a. look like a great idea on my lowered forks because they slam stop all the time due to spring preload and b. look like outer valve springs to me.

  2. any idea what the pipes are on the very last pic (in front of the dodge)? in search of a set of those or stock high pipes preferably in rough condition.

  3. that flyfishing hunting rig is fucking awesome