Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Go Dragin'


1967 Cycle Guide

With the big bikes and doubles the little four inch Avon didn't have a chance. Around the early to mid '70s motorcycle drag slicks got a whole lot bigger and better. The four inch M&H came out sometime around '70 or '71 and its rubber compound was favored by most over the old Avon. I really dig the Avon for show & nostalgia though. Good or bad it was the most widely available slick for about a decade, originally being offered around 1963 or so. It was used as a "smoker" tire and the fast guys would smoke them all the way down the strip. I have a couple for my projects and hope to smoke one someday. 4.20" tread width baby...
1967 Drag Racing


  1. Is the dude in the second pic wearing Vans slip-ons? Rad.

  2. Looks like it. I love the face sheild going over the top tree too, with the tach right in his face.