Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Buck Smith "Travelers" for Triumph Desert Sleds

The Triumph Desert sled suspension perfected, but by 1971 the big bore Brit Bikes were becoming a rare sight at off road events. Still an impressive bit of engineering and a set of these would make that old Triumph trail bike that much more fun. Anyone have blueprints???
1971 Motorcycle Sport Quarterly


  1. Raced a 1965 TR6SC It had Buck Smith Travelers. I was 16 years old Year was 1966. Ponderosa Hare Scrambles in Antelope Valley, Calif. Got 12th overall. Bike belonged to Buck Smith's 1/2 brother Bill Staats Sr. Bud Ekins won, Steve McQueen was 2nd. Pretty good for me being a scrawny, pimple faced kid!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Brought back some memories. I remember many nights of my dad and joe roberts working on those forks. It was a labor of love for other riders. They surely never made back what they put into making and shipping them.