Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Good One

"G'day man, firstly I'd like to thank you for the excellent blog site and your tendency toward the swingarm custom. I extended mine 1 1/4" also,( the couple of links which were cut off the new chain can go back on) as well as looking good it was necessary in order for the guard (fender) not to hit the oil tank etc at full compression. I fabricated a new end section and welded the flat instead of 2 radial welds at the pipe, you can see the weld on the older pic. All the welding is stick except the pipes, gonna have to buy a TIG one of these days. Guard is a 44gal drum, oil tank is the bottom half of 2 propane bottles. I've got to make a truss system to support the shakers and then I can fire it up, it's taken nearly 4 years so I'm fairly exited. All the best and keep up the good work!"


Nice lines and overall design, he went with the fender mounted to move with the swingarm arrangement making for a tight and simple rear section. I like the way the top shock mount area of the frame was modified too. A traditional custom paint job brings it all together. With that sano late model Triumph dual disc front end it'll be a real performer for sure.

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  1. Brownie,
    That;s a tight machine you made!
    Do you have any more photos, info? How is the fender attached, etc.