Friday, December 11, 2009

Exactly What I'm Talking About

I love getting emails like this:

"Hi there.
I performed this operation on my triumph ,almost 20 years ago , and i have covered about 50.000 miles on it since.It works great. It was done in the same way as described in the old article. Extension 1 3/4 inch. Shocks are 1 inch shorter than stock. This very recent photo will show you what it looks like."

Regards, Niels Bjørn Christensen

Nicely done Niels! The 1955-59 type swingarm frames work really well with extended swingarms as there is no seat loop and the fender can be raised easily. Cobra type seats fit nicely on these frames and look great too. I really like the 16" Harley rear rims for custom swingarm bikes because they fill in the whole area for better looks and add traction. With a slightly longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity I bet this bike handles great.

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