Friday, January 15, 2010

Don McEvoy's Double Engine Triumph Dragbike

Circa 1968, close to the way it was in the article in the previous post but now sporting a huge 15" X ? drag slick.

The clutch is a mix of Sportster, Triumph & Ariel parts.

Clean as a whistle Triumph pre-unit forks that look slightly shortened. I like the late 1950's Triumph swingarm incorperated into the chassis. Running some spiffy Chantland big bore cylinders at this point and back to a four inch slick. Too bad it lost the beautiful primary cover. Some hairy tales in this short article that's definitlely worth a read.
1970 Easyriders


  1. Right after his shop opened in El Monte I was a kid and I used to often hang out there. Whatever ever happend to Don? And Dick Rios?

    Ray Jacobs

  2. Don still lives in El Monte, I deliver his mail every day.

  3. I knew Don back in the 60's. I drag raced with Boris Murray, and we saw Don often at the track. I would love to talk to him. Please contact me at Thanks Gordon Kateley