Monday, January 18, 2010

Brit Apache & The Hunt for Period Aftermarket Air Cleaners

I'm really diggin' your blog. Loved all the period performance references. I'm building a 1957 Indian Apache 700 dirt oriented bike. This bike had been untouched since 1969. All I'm doing is getting it back on the road as is and doing a couple of correctly weathered and period correct mods for the dirt. The last piece I need is some kind of dirt friendly after market airbox/intake to complete the bike. Got anything interesting? The more beat and rusty the better."


Cool bike, I'm still looking for a aftermarket air box myself, but I'm more picky. I don't really want anything beat up. If you can help us out with anything like what is picture here, let me know.
I'm interested in anything like this that was made for Amal Monobloc's.

If you have any parts like this for sale or trade shoot me an email!

The elusive aftermarket Q air filter. Some do not have the Q stamping, but are the same part. I very much need one of these. Will pay cash or trade parts:

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  1. You indeed have an Apache. I see tach drive and Lucas magneto which is correct for an Apache. Apaches also came with Amal "TT" carb, hi-comp pistons, hot cams and sodium-filled valves. I know it ain't period correct, but if you must do it in the dirt just rig up a K&N large filter. First thing we did in the olden days was remove the restrictive air filters (they would NOT run!), put a stack on it and a #400 main jet. Good luck and have fun!