Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dave Kirkland Show Dragbike Update II

From Dave:

"Here is an update on the drag bike's progress. Dad and I have gotten quite a bit done. Actually, just waiting for a few parts to get back from the chrome shop and it will be ready to put back together.

I have spent about 80 hours on the frame and in that time have come to the conclusion that this should stay a show bike only. This frame had more blue spot putty and lacquer primer than I've seen in some cars. And the entire frame, top to bottom, front to back, is completely covered in bondo.

I have included some pictures of the engine reassembled and the paint and body work. The bike should be completely done in a week or two and I will be sending some pictures."

The original molding in all its glory.

One of the rocker manifolds is just a dummy. That's usually the case when you see a manifold on each side of the engine.

Stunning work. Custom bike restoration done the right way. Staying absolutely true to the one of a kind period correct build and doing it to show winning standards. I kinda had the feeling from the beginning that this was purely a show bike, but when they're this good you gotta love it. When it's done it'll be 1969 all over again. Can't wait to see it.


  1. Wow that is looking way cool ,so glad this got a ground up re-do. Bikes like this keep me motivated (even if tonight I'll be sanding car parts as I watch TV)
    cheers Rene

  2. Wow ... just wow ! Can`t wait to see this one done .

  3. You need to debut it at Born Free #2 in June...

  4. Great work man.
    1 1/2" pipes.... torque, torque, torque!!