Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sonny Routt's Single Engine Triumph Drag Bike

Sonny's 3rd place in the Top Fuel is pretty damn good considering he was running a 48 c.i. engine against 74's. A 10.28 e.t and 138 mph isn't too shabby either.
1968 Cycle World
Personal photos of the same Routt bike from the Cycle World article, unknown location. This time it looks like the big Sportster is going to get shut down.

No smoke = good traction. Avon Drag Slick hooking up. Not the best looking Triumph dragbike design ever, but neat because it was still the original factory frame and it got the job done with mostly all Triumph parts including wheels, forks, etc.

Sonny helped other drag bikers out with some of his innovations. Here is a set of Routt style engine plates from one of two drag bikes that K.C. Spillers had in the late 1960's early 70's that were almost identical to Routt's single engine dragbike pictured above.

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