Friday, January 29, 2010

Doug Beckstead's Street or Strip Pre-Unit Triumph

This one is wicked. A Rich Richards engine sporting a full race head with 1 3/16" Monoblocs, H&C TT cams and 10.5 to 1 pistons. The lengthened and lowered chassis sits just right and the remote mounted swingarm type oil tank fits perfectly and gives the needed clearance for those big intake runners. Riding this to work everyday in Southern California was really living the dream.
1968 Motor Cycle World


Six inch wide by one inch thick. Neat.


Thursday, January 28, 2010




New in 1968

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jerry Weeks Enchanted Parrot

1968 Triumph Sport Cycle

1967 Cycle Guide

I like the name the Lawbreaker a lot better than the Enchanted Parrot, but that really was the name of this bike. More sculpted madness with some nice lines. The lowered stance looks especially good.

How-to twisted pegs as done on the Enchanted Parrot.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phill Ross Triumph Show Bike

Another highly modified swingarm framed custom show bike with modifications seemingly inspired from experimentation with hallucinogenics. I owned the electrics box from this bike for awhile, bought from Scott Craig at a SoCal swap meet. Unfortunately the recovered body part is proof that the bike is no more. The neat little horse shoe was a later addition and in very small brush lettering underneath it says "My luck running out". Due to my ongoing poorboy status it was sold, because the need for parts for projects doesn't allow for display pieces in my little ol' garage.
1968 Motorcycle Sport Book

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gerald Baldwin's Scene Stealer

Need more and better pics of this one. Lots of little custom details that are hard to see.
1968 Triumph Sport Cycle

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frank Lange's "Cherish" Triumph

Back in the day, a custom motorcycle with white wall tires meant one thing for sure. It was a east coast bike. As far as I know there never was a whitewall mounted on any custom cycle west of the Rockies. Prove me wrong if you can, but it seems that whitewalls were taboo on the west coast. Kinda odd since the 1960's Rod & Custom auto scene in California used whitewalls almost exclusively on show cars and many street rides too. Of course over the past decade or so many a "bobber" has been shod with white walls, but unfortunately they were usually matched up with red painted wheel rims and a heavy dose of flat black on parts that should have been sent to the chrome shop, like blacked out aftermarket springer front ends from the '70s, making for something that was not period correct in any way and not even close to being a real bob job. A horrible phase of custom bike styling that has thankfully past. I'm definitely not against using whitewalls on a custom bike and in fact have a white walled custom cycle in the works now. One thing good about our modern era, from looking at these pics, grafitti art has got a lot better.
Frank Langes Show Bike from Brooklyn N.Y. is a masterpiece of custom styling and detail. Love the shaped fender, molded tank and perfect striping. The Dunlop white walls had been discontinued nine years before this bike was built, so you definitely will not be seeing any on ebay or anywhere else, but if you do grab them quick! The tires go nicely with the custom seat and pinstriping too. Mixing and matching components from different years seems to have been pretty common during this period and the early 1950s forks and 1954 8" vented front brake wheel work well with the overall design.

1968 Cycle Sport

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Build a Show Bike & Go to the Born Free Show

We've all got a little less than six months to go. Just a blink of an eye for bike builders.

I'll be there with the DEATHTRAPS M/C and the "Bloody Nose". Gonna change the old chop up a bit for the event = Longer & Higher !

Murray & Cook vs. Perry & Scott

In early 1967 at the Stardust International Speedway, Las Vegas NV, two Triumph motorcycle drag racing giants came to win. Neither did, but one went away proud...

"The Perry & Scott, twin was aligned with Loux & Stanley's double Triumph. Perry left first, coughed twice and came in second." Bad luck twins! First time I've seen a name for this bike "Long Gone"

"Competition was very keen and the big run-off's matched Murray & Cook's twin engine Triumph with Harley mounted Leo Payne. Both came out of the hole well, but Payne took the win in e.t. bracket one." Winner of event, Leo's H.D. e.t./speed of 9.98/147. Later: "The crowd came to its feet when Murray & Cook came out on a record run with a sensational 9.63 second e.t. and a top speed of 155.17 MPH."

This pic is from the same Las Vegas event. I talked to a guy a few years ago that was in possession of "Tinker Toy". I'm pretty sure he was out of SoCal. Anyone know him???
1967 Cycle Guide

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

Brit Apache & The Hunt for Period Aftermarket Air Cleaners

I'm really diggin' your blog. Loved all the period performance references. I'm building a 1957 Indian Apache 700 dirt oriented bike. This bike had been untouched since 1969. All I'm doing is getting it back on the road as is and doing a couple of correctly weathered and period correct mods for the dirt. The last piece I need is some kind of dirt friendly after market airbox/intake to complete the bike. Got anything interesting? The more beat and rusty the better."


Cool bike, I'm still looking for a aftermarket air box myself, but I'm more picky. I don't really want anything beat up. If you can help us out with anything like what is picture here, let me know.
I'm interested in anything like this that was made for Amal Monobloc's.

If you have any parts like this for sale or trade shoot me an email!

The elusive aftermarket Q air filter. Some do not have the Q stamping, but are the same part. I very much need one of these. Will pay cash or trade parts:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Don McEvoy's Double Engine Triumph Dragbike

Circa 1968, close to the way it was in the article in the previous post but now sporting a huge 15" X ? drag slick.

The clutch is a mix of Sportster, Triumph & Ariel parts.

Clean as a whistle Triumph pre-unit forks that look slightly shortened. I like the late 1950's Triumph swingarm incorperated into the chassis. Running some spiffy Chantland big bore cylinders at this point and back to a four inch slick. Too bad it lost the beautiful primary cover. Some hairy tales in this short article that's definitlely worth a read.
1970 Easyriders

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to Ride a Dragster

Great little story by Bob Braverman on what it's like to ride a Triumph double engine dragbike from the days before wheelie bars, when you needed to break the rear tire loose to keep from doing a over the top wheelie. The top page shows Rich Richards dragbike taking off. That bike is a survivor and I've seen pictures of it the past couple years in SoCal.
1968 Cycle Guide