Friday, November 30, 2012

Harman & Collins Triumph Desert Sled

This was the shop race bike for Harman &Collins. Was raced by Don Bohannan. Don was a Ram then became a Checker.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Triumph T&M Shop T110

Back in 2008 there was one of those very rare, actually worthwhile and super cool threads started on the jj by "Dusty" about his old T&M Shop, Street or Strip Triumph. Check it HERE. Well I got a neat email this week from another back in the day T&M Triumph owner that is hoping to track down his old bike and he sent me these pics of his old T&M T110  Triumph with a warmed up head, crank and flywheel with 9 and 6 cams and an 18 tooth engine sprocket for the quarter. 

"I had this bike custom built by T&M Motorcycle in 1963 while stationed at Turner AFB. I sold it to a guy from Calif stationed there also before I went overseas in 1965. I don't remember his name or where he was from in Calif. I worked for Duain Taylor during the day and preflighted four airplanes on second shift. Duain owned T&M and built The Deuce and Grandma. Anyway I was just wondering if you had ever run across my old bike or any remnants of it. Some of the gas tanks on your website looked similar to the one on my bike."   JO

From 1962 here is two other T&M Triumphs with Dusty on the left and Ernest McDonald, the shop painter, that rode "The Rebel" on the right. During the '50s & '60s some shops developed a local formula, show & go or street & strip, establishing a distinct style and these three bikes are a classic example of that.