Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born Free 3 Triumph Turnout


Thee Classic Formula

Gotta admit I have a weakness for rigid forks on choppers, especially when part of a total package that could easily pass for a bike featured in a late 60's issue of the original Choppers Magazine. Nice one.

Featured build by Todd Asin. Show winner in my book.

Baron's Speed Shop period correct show dragbike. All around done right. Love the primary cover!

This one from Classic Cycles Inc. really does it for me. Dying to see some good profile pics of it. Add any good links to the comments or send me pics!

This beauty from back east speaks for itself.

Another one from Todd Asin. The guy has a knack for building traditional triumph choppers with unique design ideas that turn out really sweet! Check that frame...

Nothing better than a survivor like "The Sunsetter". Pssst, hey buddy, you know that thing is suppossed to have drag bars, right? Super cool show card with original A.J. Lewis Motorcycle Shop reciepts.

Mark Drew's unbeatable "Solitary Confinement".

Don't know if this bitchin' reversed head chop by Scott Craig has a name or not, but it should. Biggest problem with riding this bike is that I think I would want to have the throttles wide open all the time. Another great traditional Triumph chop with a healthy dose of bad attitude.

A perfect all purpose custom fun machine for rough mountain roads, trails, beaches or highway, Jon Rispante's "Grass Hopper"

And lastly, working from that big pile of BSA parts he cleared out of my garage, a sneak peak of his latest creation "The Gold Digger". Not quite finished yet, but sure to shock the bolt on/weld on hardtail crowd to their core...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update pic

Of Lee Thiessen's low rider.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bloody Nose gone, but will go again...

Some people have asked if I'm gone too. Trying to really focus on making progress with whatever it is that's driving me from day to day. New posts will come but probably not very frequently. I am bikeless right now since my old chopper was loaded on a truck a few weeks ago, so I really need to get something new rolling. Hopefully before the end of summer.

The buyer wanted to make a few changes, to put it mildly. After getting over the initial reluctance to tear apart what was a finished work for me, I really didn't mind doing it. That's because I made a few extra bucks on top of what I sold the bike for, and I got to keep the forks, Z bars, headlight, gas tank, oil tank, rear fender and sissy bar! All those parts have a place in my heart and getting to keep them made the pain of letting go of the bike way easier. Old Joe the Painter passed away last year, making this paint set his last old style chopper job. The sissy and Z's were made in the Club shop with the help of our P-resident metal wizard, Jonathan, and now when I build the next chop I have these pieces with all the personal history and many proven miles to use again. I did the conversion of the bike in my garage and I think it turned out pretty good. Now I continue to hold the Bloody Nose name and if it's in the cards for me, the Bloody Nose will ride again!

The tanks retired to the rafters for now...

The original Z's I narrowed and the headlight with first generation DTMC mount permanently retired to do duty as centerpiece for my little shop that,

has a whole lot going on at the same time.

The sissy bar and Z bar that will be used again!

I had already started building another very similar set of extended glide forks for the next chopper, so I am going to go ahead and sell this set of ready to go 8" over legs. If your interested check them out HERE.

The Assasin in Dice