Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The One Off, Finned Rigid Frame Intake Manifold

Made in the mid 1950's or earlier by a old Triumph speed freak. Never completely finished so obviously, never ran. A shame for a piece of speed equipment that is so unique and so nicely made, but how cool! The holes running up the center are for cooling and the two larger holes at the bottom are threaded to carry spare spark plugs. The tube intakes come together nicely and looking inside it does look like it would flow extremely well. Fitting it up to a Triumph 650 cylinder head it seems to me that it was not meant for iron heads as the the rocker oil return tubes hit the manifold, but then again, some of the late 1940's Iron Tigers did not have these lines so maybe it is actually built for a late '40's Triumph? It came from the collection of the guy that is pictured on page #22 of Lindsay Brookes "Triumph Motorcycles In America" that is dated 1948.

It sure fits nicely on a alloy head and the fin spacing matches too. Besides the great finned aspect of the piece, the placement of the carb really makes it. I tried to picture it the best I could with this quick mock up, trying to show the tight fitment that could not be any better in a factory rigid frame with the angle and minimum clearance, tucking into the area that the battery box would normally be. Imagine it finished and detailed with CHROMED intake tubes! A one of a kind show and go piece, up for bid now. *HERE*

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