Monday, March 5, 2012

Standard - Deraked - or Raked ???

Original factory triple trees

1960 & later triple trees

Raked neck or stretched and lowered rear?

In the top two pictures you can see that there is a BIG difference in rake angle and looks between using the original pre-1960 fork lugs and post-1960 trees. I am trying to decide what parts to keep to build one killer rigid frame pre-unit showbike, and then sell the extra parts I have. One of the things I doing some chin scratching about, is the decision to use early or late trees. I'm leaning towards the latter...

Kustomhut is clearing out some parts again to fund projects and make room. Gonna have some really good stuff coming up for sale. Keep track of it all HERE.


  1. Call me old fashioned if ya like, but for me it's the stock frame with the later trees option!

  2. last one is raked & stretched

  3. I'm wrestling with the same dillema. My '53 that you had on here a couple of years ago has post '60 trees with a small amount (1 3/4") of stretch in the tail. I'm diggin' it big time. But since we last talked, I managed to score a '51 frame for a drag bike project, and still have the '61 that I want to do as a swing arm custom. So here is how it stands... The '53 stays as it is, the '51 is going to stay stock stretch and rake with the '61 forks, the '61 is getting a '57 fork that came with one of the parts piles, 'cause duplex swing arm customs just look oddly short in the nose in my opinion... At least that is the plan this week!

  4. #1 Looks best to me as a stock bike or close. Looks dynamically best to my eye. Is it me or are the tubes longer than stock?
    #2 Has a much higher hooligan look. Probably best with ape hangers.
    #3 Too far for my tastes.Wouldn't want to go too fast with this bike.

  5. If you go the later trees,then stetch and lower the rear ,it gives the bike a more graceful look,thats my thinking .Cheers from Rene

  6. The problem with later trees on the factory rigid frames is when you want to lower those forks or run a 21 inch wheel your tire could be hitting the frame. It also could handle funny, with too little rake to keep things properly in line. My pops always ran his unit frames with early trees for the added rake. That was when everything was long and lean in the early 70s though. I always thought that E.T. developed things the way he did over time for good reasons. He was not one to promote change for its own sake. Good to hear from you. Keep the faith!