Monday, April 2, 2012

San Jose Clubman's Show & Swap 2012

Another kick ass Clubman's Show & Swap. Here's some of the bikes I saw that I liked.

The modern, light weight disc brakes are right at home on this beast.



1955 TR5


1957 TR6

Almost got it right. Ditch that huge headlight, shorten the rear fender, and remove those godawfull stick on tank badges. Other than that a solid build :-)

Street Tracker

Might have been an old desert racer with that Lucas magneto case conversion. Nicely done street bike, the crap on and around the bike didn't make for a good show display tho.

Superbly built TriBsa.

This was the best deal of the day I saw. If I had a little money to burn I would have scooped it up. Kickass period paint on a clean trail bike that looks like it could be running for not much $$$ for only $1600 is a sweet deal in my book. The 24oz Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottles for $5 was a good deal too.

Sorry, No bolt on bobbers worthy of consideration.

There was a survivor showbike there too that I will do a seperate post on soon...

It was good meeting some of you guys for the first time and seeing old friends too. Thanks for the words of support. For the rest of the people that couldn't make it to the swap I have some of the neat parts I found up for bid now HERE.


  1. Great meeting you and your Dad. Thanks for letting me stash my stuff in your booth. I'll be in touch soon for some help with the '57! When the Clubman show is good it sure is good!


  2. Great meeting you too Dan. Looking forward to seeing that '57.

  3. Isn't the 80 Y bike in a Sonicweld frame? Made in the Pacific Northwest, it was lauded as poorer handling than its contemporary flat track specialty frames from what I know (very little).

    That Purple Power Triumph with the magneto conversion slipped past my eye until the owner was wheeling it away. Talked for a few minutes with him, seems among his trinkets and doodads from a lost generation he kept the purple bike (Routt kitted) and another Triumph with Chantland barrels on it. Pretty rad. The magneto conversion was done in San Jose at a shop long gone. After a few minutes with the guy I realized all the accoutrement displayed had some special meaning to the dude.

    That block "52" custom with the itty bitty tank is waaaay more wrong than right. Less than the sum of its parts. Headlight gargantuan, tank too far forward, not to mention the horrible stickers and the fact that the only item of 1952 vintage on the thing was its cases. Bleh, I'm a snob.

    The red bike was at Born Free last year, and is "technically" a bolt-on bobber in my book (albeit a beautiful one) because it's a swingarm model with a factory rigid bolted on! Nicely finished for sure, the builder (I met him in the lot, loading into his grocery getter) is a real dude with a wife, kids, and day job, not some celebrity builder. Refreshing.

    It was good to swill a brew with you and hang for an afternoon. $5 Sierras are ALWAYS a good idea!


  4. I'm sure your right about the Trackmaster/Sonicweld ID. I thought of that, but didn't want to take the time to confirm when I was typing up the post, ha ha.

    I would say that the red bike is not "technically" a bolt on bobber because the rear frame is a factory rear section that is NOT bolt on and frankenstyle matings of period frame pieces when done right like this one are period correct and way the hell cooler than any bolt on tail. Always good discussions to have over beers...