Monday, March 9, 2009

Picture Perfect 1940's Man & Machine

This picture that popped up on the internet recently flat blows me away. My favorite 1940's image hands down. With a quick flip through my stack of 1940's Motorcyclist magazines I found a couple ads that help ID the machine. Ariel Red Hunter 500. Most likely a 1938 chassis with Flanders risers and bars and small headlight. Custom dual port, high flow exhaust pipe with megaphone muffler. Bullet taillights mounted by the axle AND a Triumph Sprung Hub! The rear fender is awsome and identified below as a 30's era front fender that has been shortened and placed just right. If you know where I can get one of these fenders email. I think I see a Zirwes sidestand too. This bike is PERFECT. Maybe a little too clean to be a competition machine or maybe it has just been built. I like to think of this guy as your post WWII bar hopper that evades police for sport. The Red Hunter set up like this with performance mods was probably capable of 100 MPH and up to the job. If you have any further info on Man or Machine please comment.

A reprinted 1938 article used in a 1946 JoMo ad for the sprung frame version, but showing the same basic bike with that flared front mudguard.

1947 Dual Port single cylinder Hot Rod available from Johnson Motors.

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