Monday, March 23, 2009

1952 Road Racing makes it to California

The dirt track boys give road racing a try at Del Mar and the "feet up" riding style is adopted. Triumph Thunderbirds rule the day.

Another good road racing story from 1952 at Torrey Pines. Good detailed pics and write up of the machinery of the day. Gotta love the thought of Vincent's, Triumph's and BSA's duking it out in the unlimited class.

The sport was very new in 1952 and everything was experimental on the West Coast. Unlike the highly specialized motorcycles used in Europe for road racing. The bikes used in the US were some of the same bikes used on dirt tracks and dry lake runs, but with modified foot pegs and controls.

More info on Dick White's Thunderbird road racer from a 1995 issue of the Old Bike Journal. Had some scanner troubles with the pics on this one.

The shop Jimmy Phillips opened in 1952. Could be that the Thunderbird road racer motor was built here.

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