Friday, March 6, 2009

Mustang Gas Tanks

1947 pic from the book "Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America". This looks to be the same bike from the post below with all the same stuff including the tilted back rear fender grabrail. After seeing the matching gas tank on at least two different bikes from the period makes me wonder if JoMo made up a batch of these for sale in the late 40's?


  1. I really need to get that book! Those tanks look great on there don`t they .

  2. Is that the Lindsay Brooke and David Galen book (apologies for misspellings, but I can't be arsed to look them up right now). If so, it costs a fortune every time it comes up on eBay. Been looking for a copy for a while.

  3. Yes the Lindsay Brooke book. I just found out recently that some of these books from the last ten years are going for big money. Mine's dog ear'd from being read so many times and it doesn't stray far from the nightstand. I'm on the hunt for a original Mustang tank now. Anyone know what they go for?