Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bloody Nose

The first version with borrowed 1952 6T engine, no charging system, single row primary, stock length forks, unfinished sissy bar and in need of some more paint. Just wanted to get it rolling and when I did, it helped me plan out where I really needed to go with it.

Second version, getting closer to what I wanted in a hardcore Triumph chopper club bike. 4" over forks and paint by back in the day Bay Area original "Joe the Painter". The drips on the top of the tank were one of his signature styles and it was the finished tank that gave me the idea for the name of the bike. The sissy bar was finished from the same bar used on the first version.

Racked up some good miles and good times.
This type of chopper style packs the gear nicely.

Dawn Nicole Rosa photo shoot at the 2008 Chopmeet

Click HERE to see the entire Horse feature.

Hardcore Chopper Feature

Last year I decided to go all the way and get some longer fork tubes from Franks and an old pair of Z bars that I gave to a friend years ago came back to me. They had the lines I was really wanting. Installed stock fork gaitors and narrowed the bars.

Taking off from the last Oakland Dice party on what turned out to be an insane hangover run.

A finished work for me. Runs strong, handles great, blows minds.
Most importantly, FEELS RIGHT.

Up FOR SALE today. Check it out HERE and
please help spread the WORD.


  1. Sticking it on my blog paul......beautiful bike mate, but must be a sad time too.

  2. Sad for sure, if not for the need of money...

    Thanks for helping spread the word!

  3. Paul, always loved this bike. Linked on my blog too. Hope you get good money for it. The bike deserves it.