Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eric DeVries Triumph Cross Country Bike

'66 Bonneville ('72 TR6R motor). Not finished yet, still looking for a skid plate.
Looks like loads of fun!!!


  1. Nice bike. Anybody know what the front tire is?

  2. Front tire is a Continental TKC80 I had kicking around. Definitely the wrong front for a desert sled! I like the way it works on the street, but when I wear it out she'll get a trials tire . . . just because I'm sick of everybody "educating" me on the fact that it's the wrong front tire for a sled!

    1. Eric,

      Trudy has been a big inspiration to me on my project. I first saw her over on the AdvRider site, and I really enjoyed your Bates seat build. What's really funny is that that same Vanity Fair cover with Mr. Willis was also a big inspiration for my build (and catalyst for my interest in Desert Sleds altogether). Now, almost 10 years later, I finally have the perfect candidate in the form of a basket-case early '66 T120C. Anyway, I say to hell with the people beating you up over your tire choice. For a while there 4.00x19 Trials Universals were nearly impossible to find. And Trudy is a sweet looking bike, with a lot of the right stuff. End of story!

      Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! And I can't wait to see that coal shovel skid plate finished. :P