Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bud Hare story

Neat email about Bud Hare I got recently:

Paul, I found your site searching for info on Bud Hare. My Uncle rode Triumph and Velocette back in '40's and early '50's. Dad always rode Harley's.

This pic is me around 1972. bike is a 1956 TR6. was bought in basket and had been a desert sled. I bobbed fender and had chrome done. I wanted to use the old style front hub and wheel but wouldn't fit the newer forks. My Uncle gave me Buds phone number and I called him and introduced myself. I went to his house and drove him to the shop which was closed up. He and I went in and after looking around pointed to a box under a work bench and I pulled it out. He said in there is a axle and it fit just right. Bud had machined it for doing just the same thing I wanted to do.

I wish to this day I hadn't sold that sled. It also had TT cams ground by Kenny Harman.

Just my little piece of history.

Have fun with your projects.



  1. I grew up in Westminister,Ca. in the 60's. my folks owned J+J Cycle, next door to Bud Hare's shop in an old Overland Stage Company building.I remember the Triumph Trident he had built for Bonneville and it's low ,stretched frame.Dad said Bud was one of the first to go over 200mph, open wheel.I also remember his business sign, a hare with two wheels....

    1. npopadiuk@gmail.comAugust 31, 2013 at 6:33 PM

      I have located that sign and have a picture of it. It's on a woman's porch in Sacramento. Would be glad to send it to anyone with memories of Bud Hare to share.

  2. my Dad worked for Bud Hare as his first job back from ww11. my uncle also worked there, as my family were long time Westminster residents. there will never be another Bud Hare or his wonderful Mother.

  3. My family lived on the corner of Texas & Olive from spring 1945 till fall 1947, around the corner from Bud Hare's shop. I was a little kid but remember the shop. My sisters and I used to ride round the block on scooters. I remember a young man working there. My big sisters has a crush on him. Maybe he was your Dad or your uncle. A present resident told me that Olive was a wagon trail in those days. I think the Hare's still owned a Mom & Pop grocery store on the corner opposite Hare's Garage on Westminster Blvd / 17th st. whichever name it was called by in the 1940's at that time. I'm Beverly A. Knowlton on facebook.