Monday, November 8, 2010

Desert Sled Cross Country Enduro Parts WANTED

I know there's plenty of guys out there looking for old custom parts. My problem is finding the old cross country stuff. I will give high trade in value for anything pictured here. I have a Triumph pre-unit factory rigid frame, twisted rail springer forks and many more aftermarket goodies to trade for the right stuff. Anything I list on ebay HERE is game for trade as well.

In desperate need of a skid plate for 1960-62 Triumph Duplex frame. Factory TR6 plates considered too.

Looking for more examples of the Q air filter. Especially with the stamped Q cover.

Anyone seen one of these rifle carriers in a dark spiderweb infested corner of the local M/C shop or wrecking yard?

I am really looking for one of these VDO Speedometers with the little Triumph logo above the M.P.H. The logo is blacked out on the picture above. Everything else on the Webco catalog page above WANTED.

Will trade NOS MCM exhaust parts or other for one of these FREFLO spark arrestors.


  1. aren't the bast bros located in auburn now. maybe they coul/would hook you up with a skid plate.

  2. Yep - I got the number from information and talked to the guy that used to make them. Really nice guy and he was real surprised to hear from somebody that wanted one since he hasn't made any since the mid 1970's. Unfortunately he didn't keep any of the patterns and said he couldn't help me out.