Saturday, November 13, 2010

2010 Hansen Dam Run

Submitted by JON RISPANTE

Here are some photos from the Hansen Dam ride over the weekend. Good time as always. Lots of bikes. Spent all day Saturday riding around the Pasadena area, then Sunday was the actual ride.

Johnson Motors

Jonnie Green's Triton

Homer Knapp's Noriel with reversed cylinder head and long distance fuel tank.

Nice T-Bird or Speed Twin. On his way to the laundry mat?

Cool Street or Trail T100C survivor.

Dan Druff's sweet pre-unit show and go bike on the road.

Barry Sulkin's BSA A10

Love it.

This one is my favorite. Obviously a survivor. Mustang gas tank, 4"? cocktail shakers, perfectly executed rear fender bob. Either it's a '59 Bonneville fitted with tach kit or it was fitted with the dual carb head later. I would love to hear the story on this one.

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