Monday, May 17, 2010

Jason "Vor" South City Pre-unit Lowrider

The way it was before he bought it from world renowned internet know it all and all around expert on every subject known to man, "Hackasaw".

To me getting a custom chopper right takes a combination of things in proper balance with each other. Rear frame stretch, rake, gas tank mounting height, fork length etc. are things that can be done a million different ways. The original build by Hackasaw doesn't quite get it does it? Many things to pick on that I won't bother with, but the plate seat style is something that was especially bad in my book.

Some choppers beg for longer forks. I started with stock length on mine, then 4" over, and finally the latest version that's 8" over and I'm really happy with it now. This bike wasn't working with stock length and going longer would have made things worse. Jason lowered the stock Triumph forks and machined an axle to mount the small brake front wheel with 21" rim and now she's sitting pretty.
In the email he sent me this morning he said "I've got to tweak the front end a bit, mount the rear fender, tail light, and some misc, then I should be able to dig into the motor. I'm looking for a rigid preunit tank so I can move on. It's running a bultaco front brake, 21" akront, unit front end and rear wheel, some modified BSA foot pegs and brake pedal. "

There are a bunch of pics of the progress of this build HERE.

I want to thank Jason for making it to the DeathTraps MC Copperopolis party this weekend and everyone else that came out and made it a success. More to come!


  1. The best part is Jason rode from South SF all the way to Grass Valley to join my bunch for the ride down 49. It was an epic ride, great times, and a killer party. Too bad a damn bicycle race forced us to cut out early and miss the hangover ride. Do it again but in my neighborhood July 17th for the G.V. Roll-In!!!

  2. Don't feel bad Jared. The DTMC after party hangover ride for a third time running was a non event. Once again we were all too hung over!

  3. your going to have to do more to it than that to make it look good and most of all youve not done that much to it you diddnt f=get the bike from hackasaw you were about fourth in line on that
    and it looked about the same then at least paint the damn thing that paint job is a coverup from when it got backed over with a truck glad to see it is still floating around