Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baron's Speed Shop

The Delinquent has remained a favorite of mine since I first saw it about six years ago. I still go back to it often in my dreams of building the ultimate Triumph Pre-unit show bike. Pure early '60s elements of Candy, Chrome and vintage Speed Equipment.

I have talked to Dick a handfull of times on the telephone and he is a helluva nice guy that really knows his stuff. His custom Triumph's have made it into a stack of magazines now and the number of builds along with the attention to detail and quality while remaining true to the style of early 1960's California Customs is unequaled. Some of his work can be seen on his website HERE, but I've heard rumor of a new site in the works.

Dick moved shop not too long ago and sent over these pics of his latest masterpieces.

I especially like this duplex framed chop. Unique lines & nice proportions. Chromed Cub hubs laced to 21" rims are sweet!


  1. AARRGGHH! The Delinquent gets me every time. It's sooo tempting to paint my bike medium micro flake blue... I just couldn't stand the comparison! Chip Quinn

  2. I am the proud owner of the Delinquent.

  3. Hey Jeff, If you have any recent pics of the Delinquent in large format I'd be happy to post them!