Friday, April 2, 2010

San Jose Clubman's Show Bikes 2010

This years Clubman's show was dedicated to the Triumph / BSA Triples so I will start off my show bike picks with this pristine BSA Rocket Dragbike. The bike is original as raced in the early 1970's. It raced Bonneville and won at the drag strips too. The people that brought it up were from SoCal and had a photo album of period pics of the bike. It was for sale for $15,000. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in the old magazines, remembering the distinctive frame. A true museum piece.

This bike has been at the Clubman's every year for the past five years or so. It's owned by the original owner. He restored it with the help of Raber's Parts Mart and he originally raced it back in the day. He told me stories one year about how used to ride this bike through 1960's era San Jose dodging cops with no lights or license plate to go to field meets and hill climbs. Those were the days...

I blurred out the last two numbers, but you can see here that it is a 1957 T100R. Is it a RS because of the swing arm frame, or was it originally a rigid? I forget if the S was stamped on the engine or not. I should have taken a pic of the frame number too.

Sano weld on Bates footpeg.

Polished Webco front wheel hub and shouldered rim make for a pretty front wheel. The show card alludes to some of the history.

Gotta love a TT Scrambler set up for the street. This may have been a Eddie Mulder bike. He was close by, but I didn't get a chance to introduce myself and talk to the man.

Close up of the early pre-unit hub mated up to the late model axle and forks. I've seen this done on desert sleds to reduce front end weight while retaining a front brake. I'm not sure if anything has to be machined or not to do this as I haven't tried it yet. I want to do this on my next chopper.

Original tank under glass. Excellent reproduction in use. Nice!

Eddie Mulder sticker on tail light.

Ivan's Old Skool Alloy Triumph 500 flat tracker. I didn't get to meet him either.

That's it for my Clubman's coverage. I had more pictures of bikes but they turned out too blurry because of my crappy camera and a hand that isn't as steady as it used to be!


  1. thanks for sharing these pics- nice narative, too!

  2. That T100 hillclimber has always been a favorite of mine, but I just noticed it has a shared gas/oil tank! Cool!

  3. Really beautiful bikes on display, thanks for putting them out there so the rest of us can have a look. Well written comments as well, hats off to ya fellah.

  4. I keep looking at your pics over and over! Awesome stuff! Thanks!