Friday, May 1, 2009

People Having Fun with Pre-unit Triumph's

The following pics were all found on the internet. Any additional info please leave a comment.

Track pipes with megaphones and headlight replaced with cardboard racing number, but the bullet light by the rear axle and tucked away license plate reveal that this bike terrorized the streets too.

Weekend dry lakes run?

Stripped down with California bars, Mustang gas tank, narrow rear fender, P-K or Sparto tail light and open cone exhaust = Fun.

Tall and skinny front wheel, chromed forks, Mustang gas tank, dual carbs with remote float bowls and open cone exhaust = Winner.

Upon close inspection this street racer looks like it was a force to be reckoned with. Racing carburettors with large remote float bowl, reverse cone megaphone exhaust, Superior brand fork covers and headlight bracket, no visable tail light, but you can see a license plate. The Wassell peanut gas tank might date it to the late 1950's. Throw on that helmet, make some noise and shut down some big twins!

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