Friday, May 22, 2009

1955 Triumph T100R & 1957 T100RR

A few pics of the new 1955 T100R from clips found in Motorcyclist and CYCLE magazines. The small size of the pictures and the low quality of the magazine print is the reason begind the low resolution. Apparantly very little information or pictures have survived of this model.

From the "Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America" book.

I've identified this bike as the later 1957-1959 T100RR as found in a 1960 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. The bike is easily identified by the 1957 type lower fork sliders and the cylindrical oil tank as opposed to the standard type used on the T100R. Another difference I'm seeing is that the 1955 T100R has the wide TR5 gas tank and the later T100RR has the smaller type. This machine looks almost box stock with the exception of the custom paint job and seat as well as a standard type left side exhaust pipe. In my opinion this is one of the coolest Triumph's to have ever been made available directly from the dealership and this mildly customized drag bike is the ultimate!


  1. Great post , I`m diggin` those .

  2. All those bikes are insane, especially the last two and I've never seen that issue of Hot Rod Magazine before so thats an awesome find!

  3. I,ve had the Hot Rod article forever but just recognised it as a T100RR a couple years ago. Lurking Class sent me this in a jj message. I hope he doesn't mind the quote!

    "I don't know if you saw, but ebay seller "alpini13" parted out Ed Fisher's #42 T100/R over the last 6 months or so on ebay. I had just sold my Knuck, and a chance to buy that complete bike as-raced for $10K, and I wish I would have. Instead, he made a fraction of that selling parts here and there, because most people don't know what these bikes are."

    OK - something I have wanted to post on here. The ebay seller "alpini13" is a total douchbag! Do not buy from him unless you like to gamble with your money. I bought a few hundred dollars worth of parts from him a couple years ago and got a nice shipment of completely worthless scrap metal in return. He's a liar and a greedy creep that will grab every dollar he can without a care for who he burns. AND what kind of douche would part out Ed Fisher's T100R racebike!?! That bike would have been worth a fortune with the proper backround provided. Idiot!