Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early 1950's Triumph 21" Spool Hub Racing Wheel

Believe it or not I found this mid-day at the Clubman's swap meet. Why it did not get snatched up early is probably because of the amount of parts there were to dig through. There was an estate sale from a collection of 1950's - 1960's Brit parts that took up six spaces. I ran back and forth from my spot to this area quite a few times that morning. Without this estate the swap really would not have been that good, but that's the way it always goes. The last thing you want to see at a once a year swap meet is all the same old faces! You don't even wanna know what I paid, the prices for most of the parts there ranged from fair to steals. This wheel is the real deal, dated to the early '50s by the painted rim center, 21" Avon Supreme tire and super neat alloy hub with internal bearing sleeve to fit early 1950's Triumph forks that has the tell tale grease fitting typical to early spool hubs. I sold the tire to Bobby SirKegian, will probably sell the rim separately and I have hopes to have the hub laced to a NOS 21" Borrani Record rim that I bought at the same spot. This hub is cast alloy and I have identified it in some 1950's era photos of pre-unit Triumph race bikes. I don't know who made it but would love to find out.

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