Sunday, April 17, 2011

1955 T100R forks

From the above clip from the Oct. 1954 special parts list we see that the complete T100R fork assembly had the H788 part number, but the middle lug number listing has its numbers transposed, instead of H875 it should read H785 as seen on the genuine example below.

The top lug has the standard TR5 / TR6 model, H380 number, but with 7/8" handlebar clamps. I recognised this set of trees as special going through a rack of forks at the recent Clubman's swap meet. This matching set was doing duty on some extended chopper legs. An extremely rare find and no doubt a missing component on some of the current T100R restorations that have been built up from only a matching frame and engine. This pic found by Shaggy clearly shows the modified fork covers that are missing from most all of the current restorations.

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