Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mark Moriarty's Roth Style Glass Body Trike

Talked to Mark on the phone yesterday about the Mega Cycle. He's made a little progress on getting it back to the correct early version and is still looking for parts. If anyone has a matched pair of remote float AMAL carbs to sell the Mega Cycle is in need. He's built some really neat stuff. These pics are of his Roth inspired Trike.


  1. I don't have the carbs for Mark, but as a side note, I know where several of the molds for Roth's trike bodies are sitting as we speak! Anybody interested?
    Chip Quinn

  2. Got this in an e-mail from Amal the other day.

    "The Amal Carburetter Company have re-introduced the 76/117 Pre-Monobloc carburetter body used to build the 1939/40 Triumph Tiger 100 carburetter and the 76AJ carburetter used on the post-war Triumph GP racer.

    The carburetter has a 1 inch choke size, flange mounting with adjustment screws on the left hand side.

    Carburetter types 76AJ and 76AH, a left and right handed pair of carburetters for the GP are available off the shelf while the 1939/40 Tiger 100 carburetter can be built to order.

    The 76AJ and 76AH can be used as replacements for the 76AO and 76AN, and 76AS and 76AR carburetters used in the T100 Race Kit and by T100C models up to 1956, although they lack the counter-bore of the later models. Used with appropriate after-market manifold adaptors the carburetters can provide a period performance enhancement to a standard T100".