Monday, September 27, 2010


Jon made it up my way a week ago and picked up the BSA parts lot from my garage. We had a good time talking bikes and moving old parts around. He had to unload the Assasin out of the van at one point and he let me take it for a spin. This bike starts easily, sounds killer, and runs strong! Looking down at the super skinny front hoop spinning round it felt like the bike was on the prowl for the nearest drag strip. I blew it and didn't take the opportunity to get a picture of me riding it! Well, it's up for grabs now to fund the next build. Check it HERE.


  1. thats a way cool old bike its mext to imposable to find a painter to do work like thoes old days

  2. i met Jon at El Camino swap we were selling next to each other, he seems like a real mellow dude. that assasin is so cool in person.