Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot Rod Trailer w/Dragbike

I think this was snagged off of the JJ awhile back. Pretty damn cool. Owner???


  1. That's the one!!! Love that drag bike, hell , the whole rig!
    Chip Quinn

  2. pre unit dragbike so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Might be a dumb novice question, but I'm a dumb novice! What's involved in running an open chain primary like that? Any weird maintenance issues?
    Thanks, Chip

  4. Not a dumb question. For a dragbike there is not really any maintenance involved beyond lubing the chain the same way you would the rear. For a street bike you need a more constant oil supply. On my chopper it gets it from oil coming past the main bearing. You can also direct the crankcase breather tube to the primary chain. Your clutch rollers need to be regreased occasionally too. I don't really recommend it for the street though. It's just one more source of a oil mess on the bike and on yourself. Kind of nasty unless you don't mind being a dirty buzzard.

  5. Thank you sir! I was mostly concerned about the clutch rollers and they're lifespan. Your right though, sounds pretty damn messy!

  6. u ugly buzzard...
    u like it dirty ha???


    really cool though...