Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Little One * Found *

As some of you may have seen, there was a thread on the Jockey Journal recently simply titled as a '50 preunit find. I was given the heads up first by Rene and then some others as the information spread. I appreciate these tips, as I just don't get to scour the web like I used to. I was pleasantly surprised by the general consensus of the jj users replies to the new owner to not mess with a good thing, and then it was identified and that pretty much made it clear that this piece of custom Triumph history needed to be saved. Stretch gave me the email of Casey the new owner and some messages back and forth to exchange information with myself and others in the scene ensued. Multiple offers were made. At one point it was almost had for $7500, but Casey had second thoughts and decided to restore it himself. My recommendation was to not even take it apart. From close up pictures, the chrome on the frame looks to be in amazing condition for the age. Casey plans on rechroming some other parts such as the covers etc. It is such a shame that the original owners grandson changed it, because it would be an amazing survivor if it had been left as is. That said a paint restoration, saving the seat, and the proper front end components is about all it's needing. I am sending him the little steel spool hub discussed in the previous post. I think he may have a line on the fork parts, but it will probably take some looking to find the correct 19" Borrani shouldered rim. If you can help please comment or email.

Street Chopper 1972

This is a later pic that I cut out many years ago from a bike show story. Probably only a year or two later than the Street Chopper feature, the only difference looks to be the funky bars.


  1. Too cool to see this one back in the fold! I wonder what the reason was for the frond end changes? It really wouldn't have ridden or handled any better the way it's set up now. Going beyond the history that is known of the bike now, I've always been curious if this is the bike that Jack Calori built in the early fifties. I've only seen one picture of jack's, (Rodder's Journsal # 31 age 82)but he tank and a couple of small details seem to fit. Makes one wonder, Chip Quinn

  2. awesome bike... what size borrani is he needing? i have a 19" wm1, but its 36 hole... also have a NOS 19 wm2 40 hole.

  3. Hey a-bone, here's Casey's email: please send him a message, I think he may need that 40 hold hoop. Thanks, Paul