Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Chopper in The Horse Magazine

My first magazine feature is in The Horse #87 and it's in stores now. They didn't print the tech sheet and Miss Candy Rocks got as much coverage as the bike did but it was neat to walk up to the magazine stand and flip through the pages to see my work. They printed my story just the way I wrote it so that was cool too. I just lucked into getting the bike shot while I was at the Chop Meet last year. Dawn Cole Rosa was there and some of my friends pointed her towards my bike. There are some funny and near tragic stories about the whole deal but they will not be told here. The frame is a '48 that has
been stretched 3" on the bottom rear tubes. The motor is a '57 T-Bird with a 1964 crankshaft, 3134 cams and Bonneville valves. It goes pretty good once you get it up in the right RPM range. I built this bike specifically for my activities with my motorcycle club,the DeathTraps MC, and it's a blast for that trip. I can strap a good size stuff sack to the sissy bar and a sleeping roll on top of the headlight against the Z bars and be geared up to ride anywhere. The plan is to ride it to SoCal later this month for the Hippy Killer party and the Biltwell Bash. If you dig the blog and see me down there don't be shy.


  1. Nice bike man, your blog is excellent too. Thanks for your efforts. I am a regular and learning a lot. Cheers, Mat, New Zealand.