Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Back

It was good to be alive this weekend. The Hippy Killer party was cool. Credit to Kutty for throwing a party of that magnitude on his property. That took balls. The Bash was killer too. Had a real good time seeing some people from SoCal. Partied hard, slept on the ground next to the bike, and rode approximately 730 miles on the old Triumph in four days. I had to cut out solo and leave the club one day before our run was supposed to end so I could get home on Sunday and start catching up on things. I rode from San Louis Obisbo back to Sonora
by myself, taking Highways 41 and 46 back to 99 north. It was unbelievable and I never wanted it to end. Had some good pipe dream ideas flowing through my head about the perfect Triumph chopper build and tooling around America forever... The dual Amal Monoblocs on the Webco manifolds kicked ass and the plugs are burning perfect now. I still have some crankcase blowby issues to deal with though.


  1. Josh - Thats rad you rode all that way with minimal problems after switching the carbs! Very cool!

  2. Yea, I was kinda worried about it, but it was another one of those do or die moments. I had almost given up on the tuning because it was running really rough and didn't seem like it was even close to being right, but the last couple adjustments nailed it. My love for AMAL Monoblocs is renewed!