Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mel McKee: 1954 California Custom Bike Building Pioneer

Too bad there is no color photos of this guys work, because it sounds like it was extremely nice. He did have it a lot easier than us though. Working on new machines is so much less hassle than dealing with 50 year old broken, bent, rusted and beat on parts!
The Jack Bagnall Triumph on the lower left as pictured in the garbage wagon vs. California Bob post from 1949.

Sweet little BSA 650. I wonder how his Dual Carb Star Twin turned out?


  1. That Gold Flash is perfect (`cept for the strange rocker covers!)

  2. The cut down '54 Calif license plate is pretty rad as well with one of those adjustable sizing frames!

  3. You can see that the angled to the side license mounting was a signature detail on most of his bikes. I like it. Is the plate frame an aftermarket item or do you think he made it?