Sunday, September 9, 2012

MOON Motorcycle Trailer

About a month ago I pulled this bad boy home from Solvang, CA. A few weeks previous I got a message from JORDAN letting me know that him and his Dad were gonna sell the Moon trailer and they wanted to give me first crack at it. COOL! A couple weeks of selling parts to come up with the money and I was down there drinking a beer and shooting the shit while Jordan's Dad got me all lined out with the tail light wiring. A couple of true gearheads and all-round great guys. It was getting kinda late when I left so I decided to sleep in the back of the truck when I got to Kettleman City. After a couple hours of trying to fall a sleep in 90 degree weather and truckers bugging me out, I got back in the truck and drove all night to get it home.

Build pics of my 1960-1961 Triumph TR6C project coming soon. It's going to fit real nice on this rig with the back of the truck full of beer, food and gear for cycle camping trips.


  1. Man that is too kool,someone needs to re-pop these trailers,looking forward to the project pics.Cheers RGS Dave

  2. hell yes! glad its at an AWESOME home! in good hands!

  3. Thanks to you man. Someone gave me the little Yamaha 80 the day I got back, so I got to use the trailer before I even unhitched it from the trip home!