Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1960 Wide Ratio Gearbox Restored 1961 TR6C

Last weekend I finally got the 1959 cast date 1960 model wide ratio gearbox restored. All new bearings, bushings, seals, springs etc. I had to swap out a handfull of gear cluster parts with better parts I had in the stash, but I'm real happy with the end result. 

The forks need to come back apart for some further fine tuning. I'm using 1970 tubes with the shuttle valve dampners with the rest of it being earlier 60's parts. There will be some minor  custom mods done with this experimental design I am working on that I will cover in a future post.


  1. Paul is the WR stamp a factory stamp,or something you added.Never seen that before on a Triumph box.


  2. Factory stamp. I've had a few, but they are not easy to find! Close ratio stamped with CR.