Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mark Drews "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit Showbike

Although I loved it at first sight, I have to admit that I didn't fully understand this bike at first. From the first pictures I saw I thought the gas tank was just the tiny scallops at the back and did not see that it is actually see-thru with the front portion being made of lucite, matching the hand made primary cover and motor mounts. The more images of the bike I've seen the more I get it and after looking at these latest pics from Kaz I realize how totally out of site this Triumph showbike really is. I think this custom is one of those builds that has to be seen first hand to be fully appreciated and I hope I get to see it up close someday. Stretch has been covering this sweet machine with links to more pics and it's connections to other custom cycles of the past. Absolutely traditional, yet a ground breaker that takes the California show bike style one step beyond...


  1. Great photos and write-up! What an outstanding machine!

  2. It is absolutely awesome, but how do I say this - almost too far over the top to my tastes. Good thing it's his not mine, right? I feel like I just defaced the Mona Lisa or something!
    Chip Quinn