Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dick Rios Two Timer !!! FOR SALE !!!

Got the tip from Pete that the "Two Timer" was listed on ebay. Sure enough it's up for sale in amazing original condition complete with historic documents including original 1954 Title, Trophy's, Hand Tools, Helmet, Pit Jacket etc. "The ultimate addition to any high end collection" means out of reach for us poor boys, but this collection is worth every penny of the minimum bid and more. We'll have to wait and see if it meets reserve. I'm going to make a prediction that it will not, just because vintage drag bikes no matter how good tend to be a hard sell, probably because they are mostly collector bikes that just don't have the functionality of some of your other competition motorcycles. In other words, they are very expensive display pieces, but this lot is one of the best motorcycle display pieces on the planet and it's available to the highest bidder. The Two Timer belongs in a museum and I hope it finds its way to a good home. Check it out here .

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