Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New for 1946 - The Triumph Sprung Hub Wheel

Interesting article by Triumph man Ivor Davies. Seems like every book out there about Triumph's has the same old lines bad mouthing the sprung hub. If you just consider the objectives of the design, including the fact that it was meant to be a bolt on suspension for existing machines and for new models without abandoning the rigid frame, the old spring wheel comes into a new light. How's about all the races won by bikes with Sprung hubs? Standard equipment on the GP model to be released to the public in 1948. Plus it's a sweet looking piece of engineering!

Later ad from 1948


  1. Great post, always wondered how these hubs worked. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Just researching the sprung hub for an article, and I agree that you generally see it bad-mouthed. However, several road tests from that era, written by very respected journalists in equally well-respected publications, sing its praises.