Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upswept Pipes for Early Triumph's

1947 ad for Custom Upswept Pipes

This photo looks to be from the late 40's. Gall's Cycle Shop Upswept pipes and dig the scallop job on the tank. Very similar to what came from the factory 20 years later.

On the track circa 1947 with small diameter open cones.

Early 60's custom street bike. Barbarions MC from the Four Aces Cycle Website

The later MCM product looks like a exact copy of the Gall's Cycle Shop pipes with the big sweeping bends. The Superior brand High - Flow pipes that came out around 1950-51 had a much tighter bend coming out of the cylinder head.


  1. I would like to order a set of the pipes please.

  2. Sure, no problem. As soon as I get some in I'll let you know. I wouldn't hold up the bike build waiting though!

    1. Does anyone have a set of these or make reproductions? I'm getting ready to just try and have some made with a mandrel bender...