Monday, May 7, 2012

Al Rieske's 1955 Triumph Showbike

Al Rieske's Michigan Showbike found at the 2012 San Jose Clubman's Show. Some not so cool modifications, but still showing a lot of the key original elements and it is a solid looking rebuild. With all the chrome and detailing done it wouldn't be hard to bring it back to 1960's spec if the missing pieces didn't get tossed in a dumpster. Going by memory I think the show card said that it was from Nevada. If anyone knows the current owner get him schooled on the history and let's hope the original parts are still sitting on a shelf somewhere!


  1. how can you get this typ off is 50s

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  3. This has been in and out of Rabers a bunch, even after the Clubman's show. I heard it was a pain in the ass due to the wiring at the present...