Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born Free 3 Triumph Turnout


Thee Classic Formula

Gotta admit I have a weakness for rigid forks on choppers, especially when part of a total package that could easily pass for a bike featured in a late 60's issue of the original Choppers Magazine. Nice one.

Featured build by Todd Asin. Show winner in my book.

Baron's Speed Shop period correct show dragbike. All around done right. Love the primary cover!

This one from Classic Cycles Inc. really does it for me. Dying to see some good profile pics of it. Add any good links to the comments or send me pics!

This beauty from back east speaks for itself.

Another one from Todd Asin. The guy has a knack for building traditional triumph choppers with unique design ideas that turn out really sweet! Check that frame...

Nothing better than a survivor like "The Sunsetter". Pssst, hey buddy, you know that thing is suppossed to have drag bars, right? Super cool show card with original A.J. Lewis Motorcycle Shop reciepts.

Mark Drew's unbeatable "Solitary Confinement".

Don't know if this bitchin' reversed head chop by Scott Craig has a name or not, but it should. Biggest problem with riding this bike is that I think I would want to have the throttles wide open all the time. Another great traditional Triumph chop with a healthy dose of bad attitude.

A perfect all purpose custom fun machine for rough mountain roads, trails, beaches or highway, Jon Rispante's "Grass Hopper"

And lastly, working from that big pile of BSA parts he cleared out of my garage, a sneak peak of his latest creation "The Gold Digger". Not quite finished yet, but sure to shock the bolt on/weld on hardtail crowd to their core...


  1. Photos #2 and 3 of the white bike is of My Mate Nate's Tacoma Single loop Triumph. He did it right with top and rear motor mounts so that despite a rigid fork the thing is actually rideable and won't crack cases. The photos actually don't do it justice. See it to believe it coming to a show near you. BF3 was the debut...

  2. Hi Paul!
    As far as the black and candy red swing arm bike out of Classic Cycles, there is an excellant profile shot of it on the build thread at Jockey Journal. I believe it's thread is "rebuilding a '56 triumph bobber". It's just been up the last couple of days, so probably page 2 or 3.
    That BSA is killin' me! I have a '66 Hornet that I have been trying to make look cool with out cutting it up too bad, but that is the neatest I've seen!
    Still plugging away on my '53, little by little, just takes forever with customer hot rod stuff taking up shop space and bills to pay. Oh, well, soon!

    Chip from Phoenix

  3. Small City CyclesJuly 1, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    Paul, Thanks for the kind words!

  4. You managed to cover the best bikes of the show in this post. I got some more pics I took at the show here :

  5. Great photos! those chopper was really captivating!

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